We’ve returned…

Hello, my friends. We promised to return when the summer ended, and fall seems to be quickly approaching. Here’s a quick update on the happenings of the Gsquared girls whilst we were away from the blog…

I, Gracelynn, have undergone a massive amount of change. My father was recently offered the job as worship pastor at Spring Creek Baptist church, and we’re taking the mission God has presented us with head on. As I’ve told you before, I was home-schooled for four blessed years, and that changed over the summer as well. My family had a heart to heart, and we decided to send me and my sister to Clarksville Christian School. It is certainly different, perhaps not even what I’d prefer, but I truly believe God has me here for a reason. Through the progressing year I’ve been intentional to keep this mindset; “So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” 1 Corinthians 15:58

On another note, in the writing world, Gwyneth and I began yet another story (our third). Currently calling it “Revolutionary,” it takes place during the Revolutionary War from both Britain and America’s perspective. It has an insane amount of characters, and we’ve just begun to truly understand how to write them and keep their personalities their own. It’s tempting to make them someone whom we’ve already written. People always ask, “What’s your story about?” and I nearly always reply with, “Are you sure you’re ready for this conversation?” I’m sorry to disappoint, but I shan’t give you a summary. You’ll have to continue to read our blog to get the updates, and more importantly, clips from the story itself.

As for Four for an Omen, I can proudly announce that we have a mere seven chapters left to write before we’ll pursue editing. To continue with this beautiful tale, we’ll need all the support we can get. We currently aren’t trying to publish, and have no need to fund raise… yet. So as of now, we simply ask for your encouragement, and your prayers. Specifically, prayers that the King of kings will spark inspiration and creativity within the souls He created.

Over the summer we tried something new, and deemed them “writing challenges.” I gave Gwyneth a scene and a character, and told her to surprise me. She soon did the same for me, and we fell in love with the idea. It developed our ability to write on the spot, and strengthened our imagination. We have decided to post our challenges on the blog from this point on. They’ll likely include characters from our stories, thus giving you a sneak peek. Enjoy!

(P.S)  Congrats to Gwyneth for passing her road test and getting her licence!


Short Story Saturday: Update

Hello, faithful readers.

As you can see, we finished our second story ever on this very blog. We wanted to notify you that we’ll be taking a break and there will be no Short Story Saturday until the school year starts once more. (Don’t cry, we’ll be back soon.)

May your summer be blissfully not-scorching.

Short Story Saturday: The Conclusion

Aren’t you all glad Bethany didn’t REALLY meet her end in Part Four!?

We really had you going too… clever… clever “read more” tab…

Without further ado, we give you-




Bethany’s friend who had turned so serious earlier came rushing out of the jail. He held his gun at the ready. Bethany had just realized that the moment had arrived when someone grabbed her by the neck. “Dirty rat.” The teen hissed.

Beth scraped her glass-studded boots down his leg and stomped on his foot. He screeched and Beth pulled her gun.

One would have thought that the town had been abandoned as soon as the gunfire started. Not one other person was in sight, not a single window had open shutters. Everyone knew what was about to happen. It had been a long time in the coming.

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Short Story Saturday


Beth was quiet for a heartbeat. “This isn’t what we agreed on.” She spewed.

The outlaw fiddled with his gun. “You didn’t want the man,” her eyes drifted to the cold figure in the corner. “So you get the passengers.”

“But I don’t even know what to do!”

Improvise!” He roared.

Bethany heard raised voices. The outlaw shoved his pistol into her left hand and set her other on her holster. He spun her towards the door. “You’ve got five minutes. It shouldn’t take that long.”

Bethany closed her eyes, exhaling. Then she kicked open the door, charging into the first car. “Alright!” She screamed. “Put’ch’yer hands in the air and surrender y’all’s valuables!” She aimed her gun at nothing and noticed the car was empty. It was a luggage car.

“Good practice.” A voice purred.

Beth jumped and pointed her guns at the outlaw’s face. “Harr harr…”

“Git.” He shoved her to the next door.

Beth honestly didn’t have the guts to kick this door down because she was so embarrassed, so she eased it open. Then busted through.

The crowd of people looked at her in horror as she raised her pistols high. “Alright-” She gasped. “Give me all y’all’s precious articles an-” She was met with another gun in the side.

She slowly lowered her gaze and looked at the hand which held it, then the arm, and finally the owner of all these. It was a rough-and-tumble teen. “You have’tuh go through me first.” He rumbled.

Bethany kept her gaze on the crowd. Valuables.

“Now you just skedaddle back on to where you came from.” He jeered.

Bethany’s face reddened.

“You can go tell your ma, ‘they wouldn’t let me take their stuff! Oh, and I was too SCARED!’”

Some brave folks laughed and the electricity in the air died.

Bethany looked him in the eye. “Shut it.” She flipped the shooter from his hand, stepped on it, pushed him against an open window and thrust her own guns into his ribs in a single, fluent move. Bethany could see the guy start sweating.

“Stay back!” He barked to the crowd.

Bethany smirked. “I’ll give you all to the count of three… One.” The people started clamoring. “Two.” A couple of ladies dropped their handbags at her feet. “Three.” The men poured forth an endless stream of gold coins and other desirable objects in front of her.

The teenager watched Beth with his beady eyes. He licked his lips, his hair all across his face. Bethany waved a pistol at him and one at the passengers, “I’m feeling generous.” She announced as someone stifled a scream. Beth had her gun to the teen’s nose. She scanned him. “I’ll let you live.” She faced the passengers, leaving the guy, and kept her guns aimed their way.

As she bent over to claim her newly acquired riches, something unexpected happened. She was kicked, in a bad place, from behind, and face-planted into the gold.

The crowd roared. The teenager snickered. Bethany drew herself to her feet. She whirled around and nearly threw the guy out the window.

We can all admit the dude wasn’t expecting her to respond so quickly.

Bethany shoved him onto his stomach through the window so that all he could see was the swirling cavern beneath the bridge. He scrambled to grab onto something and made a sickly noise in his throat. “Do I have to hurt you?” Bethany threatened.

The crowd moved whirling about the cabin, screeching, shouting, crying, bellowing, and just generally making a commotion.

“Please… Please, miss.” The teenager whispered.

“Aw, keep your witchcraft to yourself!” She pushed him halfway out the train and fired at the roof as she had seen the outlaw do so an hour ago.

That was her big mistake.

The men leaped into action. “GET BEHIND ME!”


RUN!” They ordered their wives and kids.

Women and children ran for the caboose, pouring out of the car. All the strong men flowed through the room and towards Beth.

“She nearly KILLED ME!” The very annoying teen bawled. He was leaning against the wall, clutching his throat.

Bethany spat on his foot and raced back to the engine room, ripping open doors as her heart raced along with her. “Frieeeeeeeend-” She yelled.

One of the men threw a bottle at her and it smashed to bits, wedging their way into her boots and soaking them through with the liquid. She let out a cry of pain, which was not a mistake.

The outlaw’s alarmed face appeared in the doorway and he instantly hauled her into the room. He slammed a chair in front of the door and picked Beth up. “Think fast.” He threw her out of the train.



Part Four to be posted soon

Short Story Saturday

On the previous, previous Saturday we started a new story dubbed Legendary.

This Saturday we have the honors of continuing it for you. Part One may be viewed .



They were lucky. Right on time.

It almost seemed like time was willing to bend and warp itself for the outlaw. The Twelve O’clock was puffing in and it was puffing in fast. His horse was a strong one, and steady. Bethany had never been fond of horses for they reeked, and this one, in particular, gave her the willies. He was powerful; all muscle and nothing else. “Do you have a-” Plan. She was going to say plan but the dude interrupted. “Keep it shut and observe.”

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The True Story of Easter

When we needed him so…

After a period of many years…

In his timing…
A Savior.
He was promised…

He came…

He died.

Our God is NOT dead, he is surely alive. He is alive even now, to this very day. 

Jesus Christ the Son of God came down to earth to die for our sins. Mine, yours, he came for us. Jesus paid the penalty for our mistakes in full by living a perfect life (and that’s pretty impressive if you ask us) and then dying a painful death on a cross. But the amazing thing is…

After three days he rose again. He rose from the dead

That is what Easter is really all about. Jesus’ life, death, and ressurection. He loves so much, he, God, sent his Son to die for us.

This amazing truth and hope we have before us is almost beyond comprehension. Let us rejoice today and praise the King of Kings! 
Read about the TRUE story of Easter in the Bible, the book of Matthew, chapters 26 through 28