Romeo on Writing

Salutations fellow web-surfers and kitties.

I, Romeo kitten Calhoun, have discovered that the grammatical structure of the common meme is horribly wrong. What is this talk of “I is a kitteh”? And “We haz the logics”? I must admit, I do not understand. The memes are funny, but the abuse of this English language is terrible! “Our abusez the englishez is so, so terriblez.” However, I believe I have said enough.

On another subject I, Calhoun, apparently have many nicknames. I may casually stroll about the kitchen at an odd hour and some human across the room will call me “Rome.”

Should I be upset at this new name? Is it permanent? I do not know.

Another day, I will be found sleeping in one of my favorite spots and the humans must call incessantly for their beloved “RC.”

Can any other feline sympathize with me?

Best wishes for your Monday, friends. Until we meet again,

Romeo kitten Calhoun


Short Story Saturday

Welcome back Readers, to our Short Story Saturday. To recap what happened last on “Our Agent,” click here. We will now continue from where we left off.

“Our Agent”

The Rooftop

When we last left our story, it was a sad and dramatic, rainy scene. And it is still just so. The girl stood out in the rain, shivering, now just as wet as the man, on top of a hundred-story skyscraper. And yes, she had to run up all those stairs. She was now exhausted, and wet. “Cursed… stinking… Company.” She chattered. Suddenly a door slammed. The girl whipped around, her hair lashing her across the face. Two more (not-so-handsome) men entered the scene. “We know you have it. Hand it over.” The bigger one held out his hand as if she’d just give it to him. Slowly, a smile appeared on her lips. She was buying time. “Have what?” She asked ignorantly.

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Romeo on Writing

Greetings and salutations fellow felines.

I am Romeo Calhoun. A cat, or kitten rather, who has already found the internet to be a fascinating place. I have seen all the Meme Cats and Lol Cats, but how many Blog Cats are there out there? I know of none. But I decided that I will go ahead and become one anyway because “Why not?” Yes, I have only been on this earth for nearly four months now, but why not start my career early? I am only a kitten after all, and a strong-willed one at that.

I request that you, my fellow kitties, will come alongside and blog with me. It is great fun. If you are not convinced, consider the keyboard. Delightful sounds come from it every second your paws click across the surface. And the screen is impressively bright with the little cursor going berserk all over the place. Your poor humans will probably scold me for putting naughty ideas into your fuzzy heads.

My blog string will, of course, be posted under cover of darkness while all the humans sleep. I will tell you this; it is a great pain wrestling the laptop open without thumbs.

I poured much thought into the study of which day of the week would be most opportune to post my thoughts, and decided on Monday seeing as the human beings sometimes dread the coming of this particular day. This will give some individuals something to look forward to.

I anticipate seeing all the comments from cats and their owners over time.

Sincerely,  Romeo kitten Calhoun

A Very Happy Announcement

Greetings, Readers.

We are pleased to announce that starting tomorrow, the Gsquared Books Blog will be releasing a story every other Saturday for their “Short Story Saturday” segment.

We are exceptionally excited to start sharing with our Readers little bits of things we have written about over the past year or so. The first story we will release on the internet is named “Our Agent.” You will find that it is a simple story, vague, and some adventure and romance are thrown into the mix.

I, Gwyneth, wrote this piece and hope that you all will find it entertaining.