Romeo on Writing

Greetings and salutations fellow felines.

I am Romeo Calhoun. A cat, or kitten rather, who has already found the internet to be a fascinating place. I have seen all the Meme Cats and Lol Cats, but how many Blog Cats are there out there? I know of none. But I decided that I will go ahead and become one anyway because “Why not?” Yes, I have only been on this earth for nearly four months now, but why not start my career early? I am only a kitten after all, and a strong-willed one at that.

I request that you, my fellow kitties, will come alongside and blog with me. It is great fun. If you are not convinced, consider the keyboard. Delightful sounds come from it every second your paws click across the surface. And the screen is impressively bright with the little cursor going berserk all over the place. Your poor humans will probably scold me for putting naughty ideas into your fuzzy heads.

My blog string will, of course, be posted under cover of darkness while all the humans sleep. I will tell you this; it is a great pain wrestling the laptop open without thumbs.

I poured much thought into the study of which day of the week would be most opportune to post my thoughts, and decided on Monday seeing as the human beings sometimes dread the coming of this particular day. This will give some individuals something to look forward to.

I anticipate seeing all the comments from cats and their owners over time.

Sincerely,  Romeo kitten Calhoun


One thought on “Romeo on Writing

  1. Well Romeo Calhoun, I’m extra excited, for myself is a dog, Prairie. I am surprised by how well you write. Anyways I hope someday we will meet and write a blog post together, that would be interesting. Good bye and good writing – Prairie.


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