Short Story Saturday

Welcome back Readers, to our Short Story Saturday. To recap what happened last on “Our Agent,” click here. We will now continue from where we left off.

“Our Agent”

The Rooftop

When we last left our story, it was a sad and dramatic, rainy scene. And it is still just so. The girl stood out in the rain, shivering, now just as wet as the man, on top of a hundred-story skyscraper. And yes, she had to run up all those stairs. She was now exhausted, and wet. “Cursed… stinking… Company.” She chattered. Suddenly a door slammed. The girl whipped around, her hair lashing her across the face. Two more (not-so-handsome) men entered the scene. “We know you have it. Hand it over.” The bigger one held out his hand as if she’d just give it to him. Slowly, a smile appeared on her lips. She was buying time. “Have what?” She asked ignorantly.

“The… the… the-”

“You don’t even know what it is?” She doubled over laughing.

Apparently, the men didn’t have any time to waste. The smaller one drew a foreign object from within his fancy suit. The girl paled, “Snap. Things are escalating.”

The man held the gun high so that it aligned with her face. “We’ve given you your chance. Do you want things to escalate anymore? Because they can escalate. And probably will.” The men meant business. Business of the unpleasant sort.

The girl edged backward, bumping her shoe against the small edge that lined the rooftop. She was about to send back a scathing remark when yet another man entered the scene. “Let her go!” He bellowed, slamming into the buff guy. This was but the beginning of a small chain reaction. First, the other not-attacked-man shot a bullet into the air out of sheer shock, which sent everyone jumping, which sent our beloved agent over the edge. She let out a bone-shattering scream, plunging to her death. The last decision she ever made was to clutch the object closer to her, vowing never to let it fall into the Company’s hands even if she died. And she fell.


Part three will be posted on the first Saturday of next month.

More content coming soon.


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