Romeo on Writing

Salutations fellow web-surfers and kitties.

I, Romeo kitten Calhoun, have discovered that the grammatical structure of the common meme is horribly wrong. What is this talk of “I is a kitteh”? And “We haz the logics”? I must admit, I do not understand. The memes are funny, but the abuse of this English language is terrible! “Our abusez the englishez is so, so terriblez.” However, I believe I have said enough.

On another subject I, Calhoun, apparently have many nicknames. I may casually stroll about the kitchen at an odd hour and some human across the room will call me “Rome.”

Should I be upset at this new name? Is it permanent? I do not know.

Another day, I will be found sleeping in one of my favorite spots and the humans must call incessantly for their beloved “RC.”

Can any other feline sympathize with me?

Best wishes for your Monday, friends. Until we meet again,

Romeo kitten Calhoun


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