Short Story Saturday

We will now continue “Our Agent.” To review parts one and two, click here for Part One, and here for Part Two.

“Our Agent”

The arrival 

She didn’t die. Let us put it that way, for it is simpler. After falling one hundred stories and also falling unconscious during the process, it was barely believable she was in one piece. Let alone alive. Backup had come. Can we get a happy “huzzah”? Although said beloved agent loved to work alone, I think we can all agree that she would be most thankful when she woke up. “Set her down!” Agent A screamed.

Agents D and H set her down quickly. “And STOP pulling her hair!” A added.

H squeaked in fright, “Sorry! Sorry!” He unwound our main character’s hair from around his fingers. Agent D’s eyes widened at the strange sight that stood before him. “S-she has the-”

“Drive of Complete and Utter Classified Information?” A finished. “Yes. Yes, she does.”

H reached forward to take it from her, but his hand was rudely slapped away. “DUMMY!” A hissed, gaping at his seemingly unthoughtful stance. H stared blankly at her.

“Don’t you remember?” A asked, completely aghast. H blinked.

“After passing through the hands of twenty-one people, the Drive self-destructs!”

H let out a whoosh of air, “Oh yeah. Okay. I remember now.”

The small group of backup agents jumped sky-high as another shot fired dangerously close to them all. “GET HER INSIDE THE CAR!” A barked, going into command mode. “AND DON’T LET HER DROP THE DRIVE!”

H and D picked up our girl and hauled her into the van while the others scattered about, attempting to reach the van in a round-about way. A twisted around and reached into her pocket, pulling out a simple, primitive “flash-bang” bomb. She threw it as far away as possible from the vehicle, and it exploded, causing all of the building within a three-mile radius to shake to their foundations. The flash-bang bomb filled the air with a thick, choking smoke and brilliant flashes of light. A booked it then, dashing for the van as it began pulling away from the curb. Our agent began to stir. She elapsed into a violent coughing fit as A burst through the doors, barely slamming them shut behind her as the two infamous roof-men began another round of fire. “Ugh,” our agent groaned. “It smells like flash-bang in here.”

“Is that all you can think of?” A screeched, pulling at her short locks of hair. Our agent sat up, an expression of complete horror passing over her face as she took in the situation. “The-”

“Drive?” A asked. “It’s right there in your lap, honey.”

Our agent wrapped her shaky fingers around it, checking it all over. “It hasn’t-?”

A shook her head, “We don’t know. The odds that it would… you know, in the fall are catastrophically large.”

Our agent slipped it into her back pocket and flipped the wet hair out of her eyes. “I’ll check it over completely when we get back to headquarters.”

A nodded in agreement. Then, because almost all of our story additions up to this point have ended with cliff-hangers, the van driver (it was agent H) unknowingly ran over a spike strip, popping every tire on the vehicle, sending them to a rumbling standstill while the Company overtook them with a squadron of their own Company cars.

They were surrounded.


Part two will be posted on the second Saturday of this month. 


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