Short Story Saturday

“Our Agent” parts one, two and three can be viewed in their individual links.

“Our Agent”

The ride

Agent H rolled down the window as slowly as possible while agent A shoved our agent into the farthest remote corner of the van. “Stay put.” She hissed, crawling into the front portion of the vehicle. Our agent was breathing hard. The Company. It was here. They were coming for her. She ever-so-gently touched her back pocket to reassure herself that the Drive of Complete and Utter Classified Information was still there. Her thoughts began to wander off. To him. But he wasn’t going to help them. He had made his intentions clear.

Wicked, joyous laughter echoed throughout the van. “Svell job, Hovard.” The female, heavily accented, French voice drifted inside. “Hovard,” otherwise known as Howard, also known as Agent H, gulped. “I-I didn’t mean-” He tried desperately, mortified at his thoughtless driving.

“Ve all know you didn’t mean it, dearest.” The new girl purred, her hands clasping the edge of the window. “But svell job anyway.”

The talk was cut short as she took out a little gadget which she promptly used to scan the entire van before anyone could interfere. She turned her head a single degree and muttered to one of her companions, “They have the Drive.”

As if by a secret signal, every door to each Company car flew open and from within surged the Company. Or at least, a great deal of the Company. They went straight for the van and pried open the doors, just flowing in. The agents screamed, scrambling in every direction while fighting their hardest. Agent A fought like a lioness to the very last. She fought and fought until she was knocked senseless by the heartless Company. Our agent ran for it. She ran away from them, overtaken by a horrible feeling of being caught. She saw Agent H taken out by the girl with the heavy accent, and she saw many of her other friends and fellow agents fall as well. They were all taken captive, even our beloved agent. She fought like the dickens to be sure, but no single person could ever resist the Company. The heavy accent girl had our agent shoved into the former said girl’s limo. She was crammed between two bulky “bodyguards” as the Company liked to call them. They were the ones who did all the dirty work. The girl from the Company, a leader most likely, got behind the wheel and gunned the engine. “Sing for me sveetheart.” She ordered.

The two other men jostled our agent while they balled their fists. It was customary when the Company didn’t get what they wanted, the person who was being opposed was generally forced to “leave the meeting.” Or be knocked senseless, whichever term you prefer. “I tend to become shy around crowds.” Our agent muttered, staring down at the carpeted floor.

The not-so-nice Company girl sneered, “Vell SNAP OUT OF IT AND TALK!”

Our agent locked eyes with her in the rearview mirror and cleared her throat. “What do you want to know?” She finally whispered, defeated.

The girl smirked. “Oh, just everything that is included inside the Drive’s information vault.”

Our agent glared at her, and then at the floor. “That’s just too bad then,” she murmured grimly. “Because unlike you Company creeps, we don’t access the classified information that is only meant for classified people.”

“It’s the Drive of Complete and Utter Classified Information, dearest.” The enemy replied. “Get it right.”

They drove on in silence for a while, then she spoke once more. “I’m going to repeat myself for your benefit.” There was a pause. “Give me vhat I vant, or else.”

“Never.” Was the last thing our agent said before she lost consciousness.


Part four will be posted on the first Saturday of next month.



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