Short Story Saturday

On the previous, previous Saturday we started a new story dubbed Legendary.

This Saturday we have the honors of continuing it for you. Part One may be viewed .



They were lucky. Right on time.

It almost seemed like time was willing to bend and warp itself for the outlaw. The Twelve O’clock was puffing in and it was puffing in fast. His horse was a strong one, and steady. Bethany had never been fond of horses for they reeked, and this one, in particular, gave her the willies. He was powerful; all muscle and nothing else. “Do you have a-” Plan. She was going to say plan but the dude interrupted. “Keep it shut and observe.”

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The True Story of Easter

When we needed him so…

After a period of many years…

In his timing…
A Savior.
He was promised…

He came…

He died.

Our God is NOT dead, he is surely alive. He is alive even now, to this very day. 

Jesus Christ the Son of God came down to earth to die for our sins. Mine, yours, he came for us. Jesus paid the penalty for our mistakes in full by living a perfect life (and that’s pretty impressive if you ask us) and then dying a painful death on a cross. But the amazing thing is…

After three days he rose again. He rose from the dead

That is what Easter is really all about. Jesus’ life, death, and ressurection. He loves so much, he, God, sent his Son to die for us.

This amazing truth and hope we have before us is almost beyond comprehension. Let us rejoice today and praise the King of Kings! 
Read about the TRUE story of Easter in the Bible, the book of Matthew, chapters 26 through 28

Short Story Saturday: Legendary

Hello again, readers.

Ah bliss… the weekend. Saturday to be specific… as you know, Saturday is the day this blog in particular posts short stories. And as you may know in addition to this, we recently concluded our first-ever published public story Our Agent two Saturdays ago. This means…

Drumroll, please.


The time has come to start Legendary, a rollicking western about someone who just wants to try her hand at the business of outlaws and criminals.

Now we will let the story take it from here, and let it reveal itself.

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Short Story Saturday: Update

Greetings, readers.

A big thank you to all who have been keeping up with our blog and have followed along on the adventures of Our Agent. The story was concluded last Saturday and so from here on out we will move on to another story.

I, Gwyn, once again have the pleasure of sharing this one with you and hope you all will enjoy.

Short Story Saturday: The Conclusion

At last “Our Agent” will be brought to completion. Will our faithful agent persevere and succeed in keeping the drive out of enemy hands?  Or will it all come down with a crash?

“Our Agent”

The conclusion

Our agent came to after an eternity. She had one of the worst kind of splitting headaches. The kind that made you forget even where you were. She looked around, squinting, trying to see for goodness sakes, but it was too dark. Too dark. A light flicked on, running across the edges of the room and shining down on her face. She held up a hand, shielding her eyes from the vicious light that hurt her already hurting head. “Where am I?”

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