Short Story Saturday: The Conclusion

At last “Our Agent” will be brought to completion. Will our faithful agent persevere and succeed in keeping the drive out of enemy hands?  Or will it all come down with a crash?

“Our Agent”

The conclusion

Our agent came to after an eternity. She had one of the worst kind of splitting headaches. The kind that made you forget even where you were. She looked around, squinting, trying to see for goodness sakes, but it was too dark. Too dark. A light flicked on, running across the edges of the room and shining down on her face. She held up a hand, shielding her eyes from the vicious light that hurt her already hurting head. “Where am I?”

“You are inside the Company, sveetheart.” Another voice purred.

Our agent snapped around, all of the events from the past one or two days all coming back. “Cursed-”

“Company. Ve get it already.” The evil, wicked Company girl clicked towards her in some tall heels and stood before her. A devilish smile swept across her face, “I must inform you of the plan. Now cooperate, and no harm vill be done. Ve could have just snatched it from you while you were out, but figured, ‘ah. It would be so much, much more painful for her if she vas avake and vitnessing it for herself.” She held out her left hand. “The Drive. It is ours.”

Our agent slid upwards into a sitting position on the plush, red velvet loveseat which happened to be the only piece of furniture in the room. “I thought I had already made it clear,” she croaked. “Never.”

“Fine then!” The other girl said cheerfully. “I’ll have to make you hand it over.” She reached into her pocket with the right hand and pulled out a weapon. Our agent set her teeth while the other girl grinned. “It could have been easy-” She clicked the weapon and a bolt of electricity shot out of it, electrifying our agent.

Our agent screamed, almost willingly blacking out again. “Sveetheart, Sveetheart…” The Company girl chided. “I TOLD you.” She zapped her again, our agent SCREAMING in pain. Her hands shook uncontrollably. It was too much energy in such a small body.

Then it stopped.

And another thing began.

At first, our agent thought she was having a hallucination. The pain had left her, but her ears were ringing, and her vision was extremely blurred as if she were looking through a frosted window. She saw blobs, and the taser went flying. She saw the Company girl blob lash out at another blob who seemed to be preventing her from doing her business.  A hand grabbed our agent’s very own, and suddenly the room was filled with sound. Our agent looked up at the man who had grabbed her. She could see him clearly. It was him. He had come back. Perhaps she had only misunderstood his intentions. “Come. Now.” He barked, pulling her away from the chaos of the room. As she left with him, she could see that somehow, miraculously, all of her fellow agents had escaped. She also caught a whiff of flash-bang and immediately knew how they managed it. The fighting seemed to spiral down and outwards through the Company’s renowned Business Tower Central. Our agent was one of the firsts out of the building, her vision clearing even more out in the fresh air. Pairs of agents spewed forth from the wide-open Company doors. Each pair had a member of the Company within their grasp, ready to haul off to prison. Our agent looked up again at the man who had rescued her and paused. He also was holding out his left hand. She touched her back pocket, “I knew I had misunderstood.” She stuttered. “They always did say ’tis too good to be true.’”

It was the same guy. The dude back from part one who had made her cry. His face was hard as he watched out of the corner of his eye his fellow worker, that evil Company girl, drug out of the building by agents. “It is over.”

The Company Tower shook, and agents flew back into the building to rescue any and everyone before it collapsed. The wind whipped our agent’s hair around, and she felt the last cold drizzle begin. “The drive is mine.” He purred.

Our agent closed her eyes. And the drive was in his hand, her own closing his fingers around it. “Be gone.” She whispered. “I should have known I couldn’t have trusted you.”

He shot her a cruel smile and crushed the Drive beneath his foot.

And the Tower collapsed.

Our agent gazed into his eyes, everyone else swarming like frantic ants behind her, checking to see if any was hurt. No one had been left in the building, and there were no casualties. She searched his eyes. He brushed off his hands, not meeting her gaze. “There.” He said with some difficulty, almost as if there was something stuck in his throat. “We won’t be needing that tracking device anymore.”


Our agent’s heart started beating again, as renewed hope flared up in her chest. “It wasn’t…”

He handed her something. She burst into tears. “The Drive! You had it all along.”

He drew her to his side, partially suffocating her. Police cars and fire engines rushed to the scene, only adding to the clamor. “Hush…” He started laughing. “Shh… I knew I had probably taken it too far-”

TOO FAR?” She screamed, pulling away from him. Then she started laughing and crying all at the same time. “I almost DIED… FOUR different times! Trust me, I counted!”

He drew her back again, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “I had to do it. But when I saw you again, I needed to make sure you trusted me as well.”

“Me?” Our agent scoffed, brushing away a tear. “You’re apparently the double-double agent here.”

He scratched his head, looking thoughtful. “Hey. I saved you two different times as well. You do realize that, don’t you?”

She thought back to when she had encountered the businessmen on the roof. “Ah. It was you.”

“And if I hadn’t placed that tracking device on you a long time ago,” he poked the broken bits of the fake Drive with the tip of his boot. “I would’ve never found you and the Company would have had a hissy-fit about this.”

She smiled at him, eyes and cheeks shining. Her hand gripped the real drive tightly, and she began to cough from the dust and rubble emitting from the shattered Tower. He bobbed his head at her, “I hope you can forgive me… dragging you through near-death four times and stalking you while you were unaware of everything.”

“Forgiven and forgotten.” She rested her hands on his shoulders, looking down at her feet. “We should never have ‘broken up.’ There was no need. I had just thought you were with us and then the Company, and now you’re with us again.”

He kissed her on the forehead. “That was the past. Now for the future.”

They shared that moment together, and then a whoosh-boom bomb went off.

Our agent jumped, clutching her friend’s hand in her own. He began running for his Fiat. “LOOKS LIKE WE’RE NOT DONE YET!”

And it was.




More short stories coming your way soon.


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