Short Story Saturday: Legendary

Hello again, readers.

Ah bliss… the weekend. Saturday to be specific… as you know, Saturday is the day this blog in particular posts short stories. And as you may know in addition to this, we recently concluded our first-ever published public story Our Agent two Saturdays ago. This means…

Drumroll, please.


The time has come to start Legendary, a rollicking western about someone who just wants to try her hand at the business of outlaws and criminals.

Now we will let the story take it from here, and let it reveal itself.



It was dark, smokey, smelly, crowded, cramped, and all around just a big, fat mess. It was the ideal place for her to be.

Bethany inched her way through the crowded tables in the saloon. She was looking for someone. She didn’t really know who. All that she had been told was that a particularly tall, strong dude had some tips that could help her out of her predicament. But the lady who had given her the information hadn’t given any specifics on his description. I.E., what he looked like.

Bethany started, jumping about a foot as an old cowpoke fired his pistol willy-nilly at a bottle on the counter. The bottle had been full. “DOGS! YOU’LL BE PAYING FOR THAT!” The man behind the counter screamed.

The cowpoke and his pals howled with laughter, but the bartender reached over and pulled the old cowpoke across the counter and punched him in the face. His pals leaped into action and fighting broke out. Bethany swallowed and continued on her way into the deepest part of the saloon.

The smoke was thickest here in the back rooms, and Bethany nearly choked trying to wave some fresh air into her face. She sat down far away from the other men who were talking in hushed tones and arranged her skirts about her. Bethany delved into her thoughts, trying to be patient as she waited for the man. She had been instructed by the lady on the side of the road that waiting was always the best tactic when you wished to meet with him. One could never find him, he would always find you. It was never the other way around.

Bethany had just pulled her hat over her eyes and gotten comfortable in the booth when her hat was thrown from her hair. It fell to the ground at the boots of the roughest, dirtiest, scruffiest looking outlaw Bethany had ever seen. The chocolate-brown eyes looked her over as Beth became keenly aware of the silence that now reigned.

Not a single shot was fired.

Not one voice spoke.

No one moved.

Bethany had been so absorbed in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed the arrival. The scruffy guy took her chin in his hand and lifted her head so he could look at her. “Who are you?” He made out.

“No one of consequence.” Beth uttered.

His eyes narrowed. “What do you go by?”

“A simple name at the least.” Bethany met his eyes and stood up, holding out her hand. He scowled at it and drew his pistol. “There will be no need for that, sir.” The front of a six-shooter was now pressed into his chest. Bethany watched him, her gaze completely cool as she gripped the handle of her gun. “Just help a gal out for once and no harm done, yes?”

The man, his eyes never leaving her pistol, replaced his own gun in its holster. “I was told to come and give some’un some tips.” He rumbled, scratching his chin.

Beth lowered the pistol ever so slightly. It now pointed at his heart. “You was told correct enough. But I’ll tell you what,” Still no one all throughout the saloon dared to speak their mind. “If, perhaps, instead of tips, you could give me some of your assistance.” She was at his ear and whispering, “I need to rob a train.”

He grinned at her, his smile all slanted to the left side. “Easy.” He said, taking her arm in his. He drew his pistol again, along with another one. The one was a nifty silver six-shooter. Bethany watched aghast as the man pointed her gun at another guy who had risen from his chair. “I can help you wi’ anythang. This here is my town.” He fired at the roof and the saloon burst into nervous shouting. “My people.” He fired at the bartender who managed to duck down in time. “My rules.” The crowd of cowboys rushed at him, but the bandit already had Bethany in his grasp and was halfway to the door.

Bethany let out a shriek as the man fired recklessly and the other men dove out of the way. He fought his way to the front and shoved open the swinging doors with his shoulder. Throwing her onto the back of his horse, he fired at the entrance to the saloon while simultaneously pulling himself onto the horse and reigning him in. Bethany gasped, digging her fingernails into his shoulder blades as she tried not to fall off at the full-speed gallop they were now traveling about. “You want to be an outlaw, missus?” The man roared.

Bethany scarcely nodded when he burst into wild laughter, “THEN I’A SHOW YA!”

And they pounded for the train tracks.




Tell us you’re not hooked yet.

Sadly, even if you are, you will all have to wait until the twenty-ninth for the continuation. Hang in there, fellows. Two weeks isn’t forever.


PART TWO will be posted on the 29th of April


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