The True Story of Easter

When we needed him so…

After a period of many years…

In his timing…
A Savior.
He was promised…

He came…

He died.

Our God is NOT dead, he is surely alive. He is alive even now, to this very day. 

Jesus Christ the Son of God came down to earth to die for our sins. Mine, yours, he came for us. Jesus paid the penalty for our mistakes in full by living a perfect life (and that’s pretty impressive if you ask us) and then dying a painful death on a cross. But the amazing thing is…

After three days he rose again. He rose from the dead

That is what Easter is really all about. Jesus’ life, death, and ressurection. He loves so much, he, God, sent his Son to die for us.

This amazing truth and hope we have before us is almost beyond comprehension. Let us rejoice today and praise the King of Kings! 
Read about the TRUE story of Easter in the Bible, the book of Matthew, chapters 26 through 28


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