Short Story Saturday

On the previous, previous Saturday we started a new story dubbed Legendary.

This Saturday we have the honors of continuing it for you. Part One may be viewed .



They were lucky. Right on time.

It almost seemed like time was willing to bend and warp itself for the outlaw. The Twelve O’clock was puffing in and it was puffing in fast. His horse was a strong one, and steady. Bethany had never been fond of horses for they reeked, and this one, in particular, gave her the willies. He was powerful; all muscle and nothing else. “Do you have a-” Plan. She was going to say plan but the dude interrupted. “Keep it shut and observe.”

Bethany dug her fingernails deeper into his shoulders, trying to hurt him. “Fine,” She thought. “If he wants me to observe, I’ll memorize every detail of the cursed train just to show him.”

The train that was only a few feet away from them now let out a low whistle. It sent the air (and Bethany) quivering. The old outlaw urged his horse to run alongside the train which thundered, clattering and rattling across the tracks. His horse was doing a great deal to keep up, but Beth had a feeling this came naturally for the pair.

But would she catch on? That was the question.

The outlaw thrust his spurs into his horse, which whinnied angrily. “Now I’m going to ride ‘im right alongside,” he rumbled. “You jump off first.”

What?” Bethany gaped. The steam and the smoke that poured off the train filled her lungs and sent her hacking. The outlaw pointed to the side of a moving boxcar, “Jump. That’s all you’ll need to worry ‘bout. The latching on is instinct.”


“You’ve got some of that, haven’t you?” He muttered.

He started backing up, urging the horse to go faster. Bethany was being pushed off her ride by this selfish man. “What are you-”

Stand up and jump!” He roared.

Bethany tried her best to stand. She kept getting knocked back down on her knees by the galloping steed. “I-I can’t!”

“Well, then you ain’t no robber.”

Bethany felt her face grow hot. “ How DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING! You. Are a LIAR!”

“PROVE IT!” He snarled.

Bethany rose to her feet, towering over the rider. A smile formed on his face. A nasty one. “I. Will become. The greatest female outlaw EVER TO ROAM THE WEST-”

“Great. Now prove yourself.” He shoved her.

Bethany gasped as she fell, hardly thinking a thought. Her fingers brushed the searing metal of the train and she was off like a shot.

Bethany felt her face grow hot once again. She was boiling mad, but nonetheless on the train. And now that she was on the train she realized just how much faster it was traveling than the horse. She glanced over her shoulder to look for it and was surprised to see it wasn’t there anymore. And the outlaw was on the train as well, a few cars away. He looked to be shouting something, but Bethany couldn’t make it out. She screwed up her face and hollered to him. He shouted it again, same results. Bethany was growing more and more irritated. She screamed at him. This bothered the outlaw very much and he jabbed his thumb upwards. Up. He wanted her to go up.

Bethany looked up, her hair all in her eyes as she searched for a handhold. There wasn’t any handhold. She looked to the man for assistance, and saw that he wasn’t on the side anymore. He was on the roof.

She hugged herself close to the train’s scorching metal and reached up as far as she could. She might be able to reach the top if she leaped. So she tried. And failed.

She was about to fall to a rocky death when he grabbed her wrist and flung her onto the roof.

Bethany clawed at the air, dying for a clean breath. The man stood above her and dropped the six-shooter onto her stomach, causing her to cringe. “You’ll need that. I really hope you can aim.” He turned and started walking, simply walking across the top of the train.

Bethany scrambled to her feet and a wave of smoke hit her in the face. She spluttered and hacked, running with her gun in hand after him. “How are you not dying?” She asked, arriving at his side.

“My lungs have been exposed to this kind of grave millions of times now.” He shrugged, stepping over a gap between the cars. “You get used to it.”

“Get used to-” She subsided, realizing something. “There’s a bridge up ahead.”

“Shore is.”

Indeed, a huge cavern stretched across a span of a couple miles and a rickety bridge was the only way across. “Now are you gonna threaten the man, or do I need to do it?” He stuck his pistol into her side as if to jab the answer out of her.

Bethany’s gaze clouded over.

“Alright. I will. But only this time.” The man growled, quickly crossing the remaining cars where he stopped to stand on the roof of the engine.

Beth couldn’t seem to avoid the smoke anymore, so she just charged right through it. The train leaped onto the wooden bridge and shook violently side to side. Bethany was thrown on her stomach. “Learn from mistakes.” The outlaw taunted. He sat down and prepared to swing himself through the little window and into the car.

“Wait-” Bethany was interrupted.

“That’s right you’ll wait. Let me accomplish my task and then you can tag along.” He swung through the window and landed with a bang.

Bethany scooted over to the window and waited for her turn. She heard a gasp, a short scuffle, and two shots were fired. Her blood ran cold. Then her partner whistled for her.

Bethany clasped her hands on the edge of the train and did a backflip into the car. She saw the engine master knocked out cold, lying in a corner. Two bullet holes punctured the side of the train. Bethany was relieved. The outlaw eyed her. “Pride will be your destruction.”

“I’m sorry?” Beth looked over at him, quite lost.

“That backflip. Unnecessary.”

Bethany shot him a glare. He smirked and turned to grab the control box. “Now what?” She asked, tapping her foot. “I haven’t done a dinky thing since I got on this train!”

“You will now.” The outlaw jammed the controls, setting it for what would hopefully be cruise control.

“Oh yeah?” Beth laughed scornfully. “What? What can I have the privilege of handling, mister?” She smiled, sarcasm shining in her eyes.

“The passengers.” He met her eyes. “The passengers are all yours.”



Part Three will be posted in its time


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