Short Story Saturday

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She didn’t even have time to scream. It was all over so quickly.


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Short Story Saturday


Beth was quiet for a heartbeat. “This isn’t what we agreed on.” She spewed.

The outlaw fiddled with his gun. “You didn’t want the man,” her eyes drifted to the cold figure in the corner. “So you get the passengers.”

“But I don’t even know what to do!”

Improvise!” He roared.

Bethany heard raised voices. The outlaw shoved his pistol into her left hand and set her other on her holster. He spun her towards the door. “You’ve got five minutes. It shouldn’t take that long.”

Bethany closed her eyes, exhaling. Then she kicked open the door, charging into the first car. “Alright!” She screamed. “Put’ch’yer hands in the air and surrender y’all’s valuables!” She aimed her gun at nothing and noticed the car was empty. It was a luggage car.

“Good practice.” A voice purred.

Beth jumped and pointed her guns at the outlaw’s face. “Harr harr…”

“Git.” He shoved her to the next door.

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