About Us

Hello friends, Readers, guests,

Allow us to introduce ourselves to you as the coauthors of this blog. Our pen name as you may have deduced is Gsquared, and we are two girls who are aspiring authors. Our names; Gracelynn and Gwyneth. We can’t wait to show you around.

We started writing together about three years ago. And we’ve certainly come a long way since then. Altogether we have written an entire book, numerous short stories, and nearly four notebooks filled with ideas. Our book is yet to be published, Lord willing, and is currently being revised, edited, and in progress at this very moment.

We are proud Christian girls who long to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in everything we do, including our blog and stories themselves. Our motto is 1 John 2:13:

“I am writing to you who are mature in the faith because you know Christ, who existed from the beginning. I am writing to you who are young in the faith because you have won your battle with the evil one.”

This blog was designed to share our stories with the world so that other Readers could enjoy them as much as we do!


About the Authors

Gracelynn is a musician, who plays the piano regularly and is in the process of learning guitar. I enjoy music immensely and do not have a favorite genre. Folk is likely my jam. That would include Josh Garrels, The Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, and John Mayer (particularly Born and Raised). Writing is my passion, I realized this soon after I met Gwyneth and we wrote short stories together. I am homeschooled and have been going on four years now. So it is entirely possible you would find me in my room listening to music and doing history. I love the Renaissance era and have a great fascination toward medieval culture. I am so interested that I had my grandfather build Gwyneth and I wooden swords, which we enjoy beating the tar out of each other with. Some of my favorite books are The Ascendance Trilogy, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Percy Jackson, and Hattie Big Sky.   

Gwyneth is an avid cyclist and enjoys to explore or wander about outdoors especially when woods are involved. Retreats to cozy corners such as fireplaces with recliners and kittens. Will once in a while appreciate a warm cup of peppermint tea. Unpredictable, loud and excitable, tends to get distracted from the task at hand is a good way to describe me. A few of my favorite books are Absolutely Truly, The Trumpet of The Swan, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, and Tuesdays At The Castle. I also harbor an appreciation for Shakespeare’s plays. I am the ghostwriter for Romeo kitten Calhoun who happens to have his own little space here. He has a lot of thoughts to share with you guys and gals. I tend to lean towards the comical writing style, but I also specialize in narration and vague moods. I’ve had a love for notebooks for as long as I can remember, and have been “writing” books for just as long. I can still remember the notebook I had filled with stories made up of only pictures.

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Romeo Calhoun