Short Story Saturday: Legendary

Hello again, readers.

Ah bliss… the weekend. Saturday to be specific… as you know, Saturday is the day this blog in particular posts short stories. And as you may know in addition to this, we recently concluded our first-ever published public story Our Agent two Saturdays ago. This means…

Drumroll, please.


The time has come to start Legendary, a rollicking western about someone who just wants to try her hand at the business of outlaws and criminals.

Now we will let the story take it from here, and let it reveal itself.

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Short Story Saturday: Update

Greetings, readers.

A big thank you to all who have been keeping up with our blog and have followed along on the adventures of Our Agent. The story was concluded last Saturday and so from here on out we will move on to another story.

I, Gwyn, once again have the pleasure of sharing this one with you and hope you all will enjoy.

Short Story Saturday: The Conclusion

At last “Our Agent” will be brought to completion. Will our faithful agent persevere and succeed in keeping the drive out of enemy hands?  Or will it all come down with a crash?

“Our Agent”

The conclusion

Our agent came to after an eternity. She had one of the worst kind of splitting headaches. The kind that made you forget even where you were. She looked around, squinting, trying to see for goodness sakes, but it was too dark. Too dark. A light flicked on, running across the edges of the room and shining down on her face. She held up a hand, shielding her eyes from the vicious light that hurt her already hurting head. “Where am I?”

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Short Story Saturday

“Our Agent” parts one, two and three can be viewed in their individual links.

“Our Agent”

The ride

Agent H rolled down the window as slowly as possible while agent A shoved our agent into the farthest remote corner of the van. “Stay put.” She hissed, crawling into the front portion of the vehicle. Our agent was breathing hard. The Company. It was here. They were coming for her. She ever-so-gently touched her back pocket to reassure herself that the Drive of Complete and Utter Classified Information was still there. Her thoughts began to wander off. To him. But he wasn’t going to help them. He had made his intentions clear.

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Short Story Saturday

We will now continue “Our Agent.” To review parts one and two, click here for Part One, and here for Part Two.

“Our Agent”

The arrival 

She didn’t die. Let us put it that way, for it is simpler. After falling one hundred stories and also falling unconscious during the process, it was barely believable she was in one piece. Let alone alive. Backup had come. Can we get a happy “huzzah”? Although said beloved agent loved to work alone, I think we can all agree that she would be most thankful when she woke up. “Set her down!” Agent A screamed.

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Romeo on Writing

Salutations fellow web-surfers and kitties.

I, Romeo kitten Calhoun, have discovered that the grammatical structure of the common meme is horribly wrong. What is this talk of “I is a kitteh”? And “We haz the logics”? I must admit, I do not understand. The memes are funny, but the abuse of this English language is terrible! “Our abusez the englishez is so, so terriblez.” However, I believe I have said enough.

On another subject I, Calhoun, apparently have many nicknames. I may casually stroll about the kitchen at an odd hour and some human across the room will call me “Rome.”

Should I be upset at this new name? Is it permanent? I do not know.

Another day, I will be found sleeping in one of my favorite spots and the humans must call incessantly for their beloved “RC.”

Can any other feline sympathize with me?

Best wishes for your Monday, friends. Until we meet again,

Romeo kitten Calhoun

Short Story Saturday

Welcome back Readers, to our Short Story Saturday. To recap what happened last on “Our Agent,” click here. We will now continue from where we left off.

“Our Agent”

The Rooftop

When we last left our story, it was a sad and dramatic, rainy scene. And it is still just so. The girl stood out in the rain, shivering, now just as wet as the man, on top of a hundred-story skyscraper. And yes, she had to run up all those stairs. She was now exhausted, and wet. “Cursed… stinking… Company.” She chattered. Suddenly a door slammed. The girl whipped around, her hair lashing her across the face. Two more (not-so-handsome) men entered the scene. “We know you have it. Hand it over.” The bigger one held out his hand as if she’d just give it to him. Slowly, a smile appeared on her lips. She was buying time. “Have what?” She asked ignorantly.

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