This Was What We Were Talking About! (Happy Thursdays)

Comment if this makes sense…

(And by the way [can you tell Gwyneth loves to use brackets and parentheses?] these posts will emerge on the internet [more specifically, our blog] every Thursday for the next seven weeks. Now that that’s cleared up- enjoy the rest of your day.)


It’s So True!

We’ll tell ya, me and Gracie can knock out 13 hours of writing in one go at a sleepover, and then go MONTHS without writing anything at all.

It happens… it happens.

Coming in TWO DAYS!

New content coming your way on Thursday! We’ve got some funny “haha” posts that are along the lines of writer humor, and we assumed you guys would be able to appreciate them as much as we did (so of course we’re sharing).

Check back in on Thursday (that would be the 12th) for this series which will last exactly a week and a DAY!