Short Story Saturday: Update

Hello, faithful readers.

As you can see, we finished our second story ever on this very blog. We wanted to notify you that we’ll be taking a break and there will be no Short Story Saturday until the school year starts once more. (Don’t cry, we’ll be back soon.)

May your summer be blissfully not-scorching.


Short Story Saturday: The Conclusion

Aren’t you all glad Bethany didn’t REALLY meet her end in Part Four!?

We really had you going too… clever… clever “read more” tab…

Without further ado, we give you-




Bethany’s friend who had turned so serious earlier came rushing out of the jail. He held his gun at the ready. Bethany had just realized that the moment had arrived when someone grabbed her by the neck. “Dirty rat.” The teen hissed.

Beth scraped her glass-studded boots down his leg and stomped on his foot. He screeched and Beth pulled her gun.

One would have thought that the town had been abandoned as soon as the gunfire started. Not one other person was in sight, not a single window had open shutters. Everyone knew what was about to happen. It had been a long time in the coming.

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