Are you looking for advice? Perchance some on improving your own writing? 

This page is stocked with valuable resources for writers like you who want to learn more.

On this page you will find some of the Gsquared Girls’ own tips and tricks, other books, articles, blogs and things, to help you along in your writing endeavors. We have some common questions and answers listed about writing in general, but if your particular question/statement/smart remark is not answered below, you can check here or leave a comment and wait patiently, please and thank you.


“I don’t know where to begin!”

Oh yes indeed. That is a problem.

Firstly, what do you want to write? Being obliged to write something like say, an essay due on Friday for example, can remove all joy, fun, and pleasure from the work unless if you just so happen to be that very type of person who can deal with the stress of the deadline and somehow magically make that essay that’s due TOMORROW fun…

But really. You want to write? What do you want to write? There’s a whole, vast world spread before you with exciting new possibilities and experiences to be had once you find your element. To name a few, there’s:

  • Poetry
  • Stories, Short Stories, Novels, Nonfiction books (seriously, just books in general)
  • Songwriting
  • Satirical writing
  • Playwriting
  • Free writing
  • Blogging
  • Journaling (and there’s also opportunities for Journalists out there)

From magazine articles and essays to write, also screenwriting. It’s a wide, wide world… try some things. You may never find the style you flourish in if you don’t branch out and experiment.

Most of these styles are super easy to just start writing. Take journaling; all you need is a cheap notebook and something to write with. After that, just open the page and jot down whatever comes to mind whether it be a memory, a scene you saw on the street, a conversation, dialogue, some characters you made up or your imaginary friend, your grocery list, etc. This could potentially even turn into an entire book of future inspiration. There’s also poetry. Thousands of different kinds of styles of writing count as poetry plus the formats are easy to follow when you slow down and take the time to consider the simple things like Haiku. However, screenwriters and playwrights may have a bit more difficulty finding willing clients to take up their writings and use them, BUT WE’RE NOT STOPPING YOU! If you feel called to go and write movies, GO RIGHT AHEAD AND DO SO! That’s wonderful! Just make sure you drop us a comment so we can grab some tickets to see that new blockbuster movie you wrote.

Just pick up the pen and write. Don’t be pressured by feelings or other people to go and publish right away, you might not even want to get published, if it is your thing or hobby, then do it. Don’t force yourself to write if you don’t have to. Free-willed and inspired writing is the best kind of writing out there.

An extremely helpful handbook we stumbled across holds within its cover all kinds of bits and pieces of valuable information on literally almost all writings ever. It is called Writer’s Inc, but more specifically called “A student handbook for WRITING and LEARNING.”  It was written and compiled by Patrick Sebranek, Dave Kemper, and Verne Meyer. The book can be found on Amazon.comAbeBooks, and The Write Source website.

Writer’s Inc



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