Our Stories

Looking for information on our stories? You’ve come to the right place.

Hello, Readers. Whether you are a Reader who has been with us for a while or a new Reader who just so happened to stumble upon this blog, you are no doubt now on this page and most likely looking for a few bits of information. Particularly on our stories.

Here will be some frequently asked questions on this very subject:


Q.) What do you girls write about?

A.) We write about a little bit of everything honestly. But we mainly go for the spirit of adventure, sprinkled with a whole lot of humor. We also do romance, drama, and comedy. Usually all jam-packed into one book.


Q.) How do you write your stories?

A.) Now that is a very fun question, for it has an unusual answer. We write our stories on EVERYTHING. Anything that happens to be nearby during those sudden moments of inspiration will be written on. We write on our phones, over text, in notebooks, and on the computer. We also write in the back-and-forth style; I. E., Gracelynn will write one sentence and Gwyneth will write the next. This occasionally poses some problems in both grammatical structure and logic in general, but we make it work nonetheless.


Q.) Are you planning on getting published?

A.) If it is God’s will, yes. We would love to get published because that would just be amazing. If anyone knows a willing publisher who wants a great adventure story to put on the market, you know where to find us. HAHA!


Q.) How many books are you writing?

A.) One. In addition to many short stories. Originally, we wrote Four For An Omen over text messaging for want of something to do with the time on our hands. The thought didn’t occur to us that we should get it published until we realized that it was long enough and interesting enough to do so.


Q.) When will your book be released?

A.) This is a question to be determined in the future. Lord willing, one day it will be a book. As these things take time, we’re doing our best to keep up with the first draft and continue making steady progress.


Q.) Why do you write?

A.) We write because it is a wonderfully fascinating hobby, provides entertainment in the boring moments, and because we hold the belief that it is a God-given talent we have received and can share with others.


Q.) Can you give me some tips?

A.) Sure thing! Check out our Resources Page.


Four For An Omen

Full moon tonight, Ravens in flight,

Lock all your doors, Snuff the light.

Lay down in bed, Cover your head,

The river midnight will run red.

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for girls,

Four for boys.

They’ll steal you like thieves in the night.

So run while you can,

The warning’s on the wind,

The Riders come calling tonight.

Take care my son, The war has come,

The fires in the East have begun,

The Riders come calling tonight.




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